Melanie J. Campbell

I wrote my first story when I was in 3rd grade. It was called “The Magic Flower Garden.” I’ve been in love with writing ever since. I’ve tried my hand at many things in life, but I always come back to this desire to write. Just as the hero in my first story finds the magic flower that takes her home, I find writing takes me to a place where I am at home … free to be me.

I believe my calling is to write. And to be a mom. I have three beautiful daughters, and a supportive husband. My husband and I also own a painting and construction company (he paints, I do the office work – I’m a terrible painter.) We are busy!

I have had a couple of short pieces published and am currently putting the final touches on my first novel, “One Woman Falling.” Intrigued? You can also read my blog by the same name at this link:

One Woman Falling.